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Our story

SunPatiens® has been giving back to nature since the early 2000s, when Sakata Seed Corporation, the breeder of SunPatiens®, reached an agreement with the Indonesian Government (IAARD) in relation to the botanical species of Impatiens from which SunPatiens® is partly derived. The agreement that was reached between Sakata and Indonesia was a forerunner of the current Nagoya Protocol. This protocol determines rights and obligations for the countries that signed it. This means that for every SunPatiens® plant that is sold, a contribution is made to Indonesia for local research into the maintenance of the biodiversity in that country. When you buy SunPatiens®, you give back to nature.

Air purifying

An outstanding side-effect is that SunPatiens® is beneficial for its immediate surroundings. Independent research has proved that SunPatiens® absorbs nitrogen dioxide 3 to 4 times better than the average plant. Planting SunPatiens® can therefore contribute to air purification. In countries with a warm climate, it has even been demonstrated that SunPatiens® can contribute to air cooling.

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